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Praxis: Youth Film Series 

Today’s youth are inundated more information and choices than ever before. As individuals strive to navigate through the opportunities they are presented with, they are often faced with difficult choices. 

Praxis is a activity driven film series, created by SPAC Youth and produced by Iconium Media, that seeks to provide today’s youth with tools to help answer some of the questions that surface. Praxis is designed to be shown in a group environment. It’s a tool to help mentors and youth leaders start conversations that facilitate individual growth in a group environment.

For more information or to download the videos, please contact Kiara Moshansky, Youth Pastor, Senior High. 

Can I Ask That?


1. How Can I Prove God is Real?

You don't have to prove God is real... He's already done it. Discover how your best apologetic is your life and by setting an example, you can demonstrate you've been transformed

2. Why Do Bad Things Happen?

God is emotionally invested and mourns over the brokenness in this world. He has not left you to yourself. He understands that things aren't the way they're supposed to be and that all of creation groans just waiting to be redeemed.

3. You and Your Sexuality

Who you are is not who your sexuality is. You were not created for sex. It's not the ultimate. People are told to believe that the penultimate experience of their experience is sex. If that's all you are chasing after and pursuing, then of course things start to get confusing. You are not a sexual being, you're a spiritual being. Who may or may not have a sexual experience. Your identity is not based in your sexuality. Discover more about God's plans for you and your sexuality.

4. How Can I know God’s Will?

Is it possible to know God's will? Discover how you can learn, hear and discerning His will for your life. You can be confident about making good choices in your life when you learn more about understanding his unchanging will. As you learn more about who God is, what He's going to do, and what He's said. You can learn more about aligning your desires with God's will. Every day you are faced with choices. You have the ability to make good decisions when you follow God's will.



1. The Unforgiving Servant

Forgiveness can be very difficult when we've been hurt or offended. You may even feel you have a right to be unforgiving. Howeve, when we are unforgiving, it may be becaused we have not received God's forgiveness. This session addresses how you can become merciful and forgiving. 

2. Parable of Talents

Do you know what it means to live the life and utilize the gifts that God has given you? You are to be a steward of what you have been given. God wants to continue to expand you, grow you, and stretch you - but only if you step into making the most of what He has given you. As you do this, He wil only equip you with more skills, talents, and money so you can share these resources in the way He intended.

3. Ready or Not Here He Comes

Have you learned how to look inwardly at your own faith and analyze your relationship with Jesus? You can discover how to make your faith your own and not the faith of your peers and influencers. God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. As our hearts are ready, we are able to have an intimate and meaningful relationship with Him that prepares us for what He is asking of us. 

Gospel Identity


1. Gospel Identity: Broken

There is a tension that longs for love and rescue. This is not how you were meant to be. Brokenness is routed in our independence. Through Adam, sin infected each person through the fall. Learn more about what it means for God to love us in our brokenness.

2. Gospel Identity: Loved

Did you know that you are loved the most by the one who knows you the best and He loves you because of who you are, not because of what you've done
There's nothing you can do to make God love you less. Discover how you can receive God's love and be secure in knowing you are loved. 

3. Gospel Identity: Rescued

You're not only rescued form something, but rescued to something. This gives you purpose and responsibility. As you have been rescued, you can help others and share your faith with them.

What Are You Afraid Of?


1. What If I Fail?

2. Am I Good Enough?

3. What Does The Future Hold?