Your mission inspires the work we do. We become your partner and present unique solutions to strategy, design and media.

Our vision

To be a global contender who creates responsive media which results in engagement and transformation. 

Our mission

Iconium equips global partners to accelerate their mission through a relational approach that creatively leverages media and design.

Our values

Our focus is on serving you first and then everything else will fall into place. You are the one that matters. We will listen, customize and tailor our services to meet your needs.  Iconium team adheres to 8 key values in how we relate to you and each other.  Read more about our values and see what we know to be true.

Our team

Iconium Media is composed of highly skilled, driven leaders who are exceptionally creative and innovative.

Karen Schenk.jpg

Karen, Owner & CEO

Karen has been an innovative leader in the digital media industry for 18 years. Her specialities include responsive content development, digital learning modules, strategic planning, media services, marketing, design and multimedia. Karen’s passion is to create responsive media that results in transformed lives. A tangible example is a media platform Karen created and led which engaged over 15,000 people each month in a meaningful way and her responsive content influenced upwards of 24,000 people each year to make decisions that transformed their lives. She's completing her Masters in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship.

Cam, Development Director

Cam’s role at Iconium is to connect people with transformational and life-giving opportunities as he secures the resources needed for people’s lives to be impacted by the charities we support. Cam has strong relational and networking skills and brings to Iconium over 24 years of fund development and donor care experience. He cares deeply about inspiring transformational life change through media as he connects key donors with our charities.

Denver Capcara.jpg

Denver, Filmmaker

Denver has a passion to produce the highest quality of work. He constantly researches and learns the most up-to-date processes involved in filmmaking. He brings this desire, skill and experience to Iconium as he creates the highest quality film in a wide range of projects. At Iconium, Denver manages the studio and oversees all aspects of production and film teams.


Adam Hutlet

Adam, Filmmaker: 

Adam is a gifted storyteller who develops powerful visuals to communicate captivating and responsive engagement. Adam has an intuitive ability to visualize a finished product at early stages.  He then creatively and strategically develops imagery that tells the story. He is passionate about creating art that makes a lasting impact. Every aspect of film and photography leaves him wanting to learn more.


Cheryl, Designer

Cheryl is a skilled designer who has a unique ability to present new perspectives that are captivating and relatable. As a designer at Iconium, she uses her talent in graphic design to make our clients look great. Her passion for her work is contagious to our team and our clients.


Zachary, Designer

Zachary is a passionate designer who is continually developing an innovative style to create engaging visuals that elicit a response. He is adventurous and always willing to try something new. His design skills are enhanced by his ability to create art with the camera through photography and filmmaking. It also seems his gift of acting comes in handy.

Chantal, Media Co-ordinator

Chantal works collaboratively with the Iconium team and its clients to coordinate projects, provide administration and assists in content development.  Chantal has an innate ability and extensive experience in creating order and structure in the marketplace. Chantal works well under pressure and creates about a calm atmosphere as she navigates through complex situations.


Sarah, Web Content Developer

Sarah specializes in developing creative solutions that enhance communication strategies.  Her determination to succeed enables her to maximize her role as a Content Developer for Iconium. She is hardworking, passionate, independent and will never let a road block hinder her from a goal.  She assists in developing translated websites and acquiring all the necessary content for our websites, and may even assist on a film shoot.

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Kaylin, Junior Designer

Kaylin’s artistic expression is demonstrated in her design work. She has a captivating patience that enables her to refine projects and bring about the attention to detail that elevates us from good to great. She assists in planning many of our team activities and bringing in a level of community amongst the team.


Dana, Content Specialist

Dana longs to make a difference through using her words to communicate truth and beauty. She has an aptitude for writing original content, editing, researching, strategic planning and coaching.



Our specialists

We work with a team of specialists and contractors who are hand-picked for your particular project. 

Our name

Iconium. “People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.  People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely." (based on "")