A specialist speaks out

Iconium had the privilege of providing web services for Dr. Sveta Silverman. She is a leading specialist in her field of pathology.  She is very good at finding root causes of medical problems.  She also is very good at finding ways to heal medical conditions.  She has a passion for eating well, living a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease.  

The services we provided:

Web  design: Designed the layout and visual appearance of the site and created a user experience.

Web strategy: Creating the web strategy that facilitates learning and communication.

Photography:  Iconium did an onsite photoshoot to provide photography for the website and promotional material. 

Content development: Iconium formatted and restructured the content provided by Dr. Silverman. We will provide ongoing digital strategy services and manage the site, images and marketing for Dr. Silverman. 

Newsletter and commenting capabilities: Iconium created a newsletter that is connected with the site, creating an easy-to-use sign up process for users so that they can receive Dr. Silverman's updates right in their inboxes. 

Marketing: Iconium assisted in creating marketing tools, strategies and resources for Dr. Silverman.

Askdrsilverman.com launched just days ago.  Since then, she's had numerous comments on her site, received many emails from people seeking her expertise and has seen over 1,050 views on her site.  

Iconium is grateful for the opportunity to create a platform so that Dr. Silverman can communicate with many people who are seeking her wisdom and insight on their special needs.

The most amazing aspect of this project was discovering the passion that Dr. Silverman has to speak out and help people live healthier lives to prevent some of the illnesses and disease she sees every single day.