Casting Call

Project Synopsis

Nuvo Series is a digital learning platform where participants are engaged in an intimate, dynamic group experience that walks them through a curriculum that creates Multiplying Churches and Communities. This Christian based curriculum will be used globally and will be translated into many languages.   This curriculum represents different nationalities  around the world.  Each lesson will feature a unique narrator to profile some of the many faces of society.

Completed narrator example

Additional Filming Opportunities

There are 10 lessons in phase 1. Two have been filmed and 8 different narrators will be required.  We will be filming two lessons at a time.


Narrator: This is the trainer who gives an overview of a short 5 - 7 minute introductory lesson in a storytelling manner by reading a script with a teleprompter. This script is pre-written, will be read off a teleprompter and will be complemented with supporting visuals in post-production.

NOTE:  Narrator does not need to be a trained communicator, but someone who is willing to communicate the short script in a heartfelt manner.


Tentative Age: 20-40
Good communication skills
Ethnically diverse


Availability: Prefered Shoot Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday during business hours (negotiable)
Experience reading off a teleprompter (not necessary)

Project Details

Production title: Nuvo Lesson
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Training Video (5 minutes)
Production location: Sherwood Park, Alberta
Production Company: Iconium Inc.
Company website:
Compensation: Yes
Producer: Karen Schenk
Directors: Denver Capcara and Adam Hutlet


Posted on: May 27, 2016