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The mission of CNG Containers is to provide customers with high-quality, modular building solutions while working to leave the world a better place.

CNG Industrial

Discover the right modular unit for your Oilfield, Construction, Forestry or Mining Field needs. We take care of everything from design to delivery. Our units are well built, high quality and fully certified modular. The units are fully engineered, built with CWB certified welding practices and built to Alberta Part 10 building codes. Sleep easy knowing that you provided your job site workers with the right modular unit that is built to increase productivity, security and safety!

CNG Homes

A personal application no matter where you live: urban, suburban, rural or lake property. CNG Homes believes in bringing loved ones together. That’s why we build our homes around the dinner table! Enjoying good food and conversation with loved ones is what life is all about.

CNG Events

CNG Events is a division of CNG Containers focused specifically on designing high-quality, mobile, and custom mobile building solutions for events, festivals or community areas. Whether you're looking for a vendor booth, technical containers, or artist and volunteer spaces CNG Containers is your one-stop-shop! Let us handle all of you production and performance needs to put on a successful event!

CNG website

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