We are in the business of giving back 

Iconium believes we have a responsibility to impact our world and help bring about transformation.  We cannot do that on our own. We partner with organizations and use our gift of creating innovative and responsive media to help them make a greater impact and accelerate their reach because of their partnership with us.  Our charity enables people to give towards some of these highly transformative projects so that we are able to subsidize our services and help out where we are able. 

Our business - Iconium Media

Iconium specializes in creating media that elicits a response.  We can fulfill your needs in unexpected ways, even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.  Finding an answer is our problem, not yours. As well, our business model enables us to maintain low overhead costs by tailoring solutions that fit your needs and budget. We assemble a specialized team for your project to maintain the highest quality. These savings are passed on to you. We deliver superior quality projects on time and on budget. 

Our charity - Iconium Strategies

Help us give back by bringing hope to people in need. Iconium Strategies engages with people around the world to bring about life transformation. We INVEST in solutions by subsidizing media projects for non-profits and ministries. Our goal is to STRATEGIZE and leverage the vision of each organization we assist and expand their IMPACT.  

Thank you for your partnership and donation to Iconium Strategies.  Your generosity is life-giving!