Your company has a powerful story...

We offer a variety of unique film packages that will help you tell it in the best way possible.

Promotional film: corporate & non-profit

Your company has a powerful story that is waiting to be told to your customers.  As people hear your compelling story, they will want to engage with your opportunities. Iconium specializes in using responsive media to elicit a response. Contact us and we can get started. 

Video ads

1 minute video ads get your message across in today's over-stimulated and highly digitized world like few other forms of communication.

Iconium understands that the first 10 seconds matter most to communicate what your clients need and want.  Video ads can be an affordable way to use social media in a way that brings about the results you are looking for. 

Training video

Are you looking for ways to leverage your organization's time and reach? Iconium specializes in creating training videos that educate, equip and provide engaging tools. These resources are designed to help your staff, clients and audience learn the very things you are wanting to teach. Iconium's team has over 15 years of online training experience, and the ability to create online learning in multiple languages. 

Film series

Iconium creates powerful, thought-provoking and purposeful film series where a consistent theme is intertwined to take the viewer through a unique progression of short films and discussion questions.

These films feature compelling stories with cinematic film to keep the audience engaged. 

Creative works

Iconium enjoys the unique opportunity to film creative pieces that push and challenge our limits. Portraying your idea on film in the most emotionally compelling and creative manner is something that gets us excited.  If you have a creative idea waiting to become a short film, please contact us!   

Music videos

Iconium will work with you to produce a creative portrayal of your message and help your fans see the heart of your music. A music video is one of the most visually and powerfully engaging ways to tell a story. Contact us and we can begin to brainstorm together. 

Event films

Our filmmakers will film and edit your event to create memories and give those who were unable to attend an opportunity to share the experience. Whether you have a corporate event, an arts event or a meeting that needs to be filmed, give us a call. 

Slow motion video booth

Whether it's your wedding reception or corporate event, Iconium offers an engaging slow motion video booth to capture the night. This highly unique and extremely fun booth is a great way to capture timeless memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Learn more.

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