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Life 360 Films: The Pursuit Series 

Life 360 Films are created to connect with today’s youth in a relevant manner. Youth Unlimited sees. Hope and potential in every young person.  Their vision is to be a primary influence within the youth culture.

These films have been created by Central Alberta Youth Unlimited and filmed by Iconium Media

For more information about Central Alberta Youth Unlimited call: 403-789-CAYU (2298)

The Pursuit Series


Pursuit Series Trailer

THE PURSUIT SERIES grabs your attention as Danny tells his personal COMMITMENT story, shares how he embraced the call in his life to ENLIST for the ultimate mission, and then EQUIPS you with what you need to share the message of hope with those in your life.   You can use The Pursuit Series with your small group to equip them to share.

The Three Circles

The Three Circles is  a tool you can use to help you tell the story of the Gospel. It’s a 3.5 minute video you can download to keep on your phone and devices so you are ready to share the message.

Engage: A Personal Commitment

Engage: A Personal Commitment tells the story of Danny, whose first arrest at age 5 resulted in many years of struggling for meaning through crime and identity. Watch this series to learn how a police chase became both the end and beginning of his new life.

Enlist: The Ultimate Mission

Enlist: The Ultimate Mission invites you to accept the call to become an ambassador as you own your part of the mission.  Discover how you can live different and with intentional focus to bring about change.

Equipped: Let’s Go

Equipped: Let’s Go prepares you to step out with faith and courage. It helps you know how to share, and provides you with the tools you need to share your faith.