Design & digital marketing

The public is more accessible than ever before. This is great news for businesses, however, most companies are seeking more strategic ways to harness the effectiveness of design, marketing and social media. Iconium has a lot of experience in connecting the perfect niche audience with your product or service through social media. 

We create and design printed and digital materials to make your business stand out in a powerful and effective way.

Discovery: vision, values, and mission

Do you know your vision, your values and your mission or are they tucked away in a file? Iconium works with our clients to help communicate who they really are, not what a consultant helped them write down on a piece of paper.  What is your passion? What do you love to do? What are you hoping to accomplish?  Those are the things that we highlight and bring to the surface. We will put it into writing, but you will be the words you already intuitively know in your heart.  

Branding & marketing

Your company has a look, a personality, that has made you identifiable. It may be eclectic and it may not be communicating an accurate portrayal of visual. Iconium will take your logo, your values, your mission, and help tie your branding and look into your goals. Branding is designed to help you attract the audience you want. Let us help. 

Social media

We will help you choose the right social media platform for you. You don't need to use all of them, only a few of the right ones. 

You may be wondering how to build an audience, what to post and how often to communicate.  The answer changes according to the platform that is best for your audience. 

We are available to help you and would like to offer you the resources you need to make social media be all it can be for you. 


Your logo plays an important role for your organization. It is the image your constituents will remember you by. This image needs to be fresh and alive and communicate the things you value most. It's truly a story in an image. 

Design & print material

Beautiful imagery that tells a clear story is necessary to create print material that has a strong pick up appeal. It's important to have print material that markets your brand in the same way as your website and social media presence. People remember what they see often and in many different places. Our ability to photograph you and your organization in the best light means that we feature the best of you in your print material. 

If you are looking for a marketing campaign that will help you use media in a way that is compelling and gets the results you need, we would like to help you! Contact us. 

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