Fashion street photography

Recently, fashion photography has made a significant move to the streets. Unique portraits are captured in everyday locations, with a unique twist. Iconium loves the art and creativity involved in these types of photography. Our goal is to make you look great and help you stand out.

Fashion street photography package

Filming of models casually posing in “instagrammable” locations (50 edited photos)

Lifestyle photography

Iconium captures lifestyle portraits to help your customers see you and your team in action. Our team is committed to photographing your company in a way that is authentic and engaging. 

Website lifestyle photography package

Photography of set-up, registration, attendees, venue and details: 4 - 5 hours (100 edited photos)

Moving portraits

Sometimes a photograph doesn't tell the whole story. By capturing "moving portraits" (5-20 second video clips) we capture the same beautiful compositions you can use in print and digital material, in cinematic moving films. These are great for website headers, tv screens in your office, or other areas where you want to visually engage your audience. 

Moving portraits package

Filming of people casually posing in “instagrammable” locations - 15-20 second clips.

Event photography

You go to a lot of effort to put on an event and sometimes you need someone to capture it on film. Our team will capture the key things you request, plus many more!   

Event Photography Packages

Powerful and emotionally compelling imagery of your event will enable you to share the experience with those who were not able to attend. 

Basic event photography

Photography of attendees, venue, and details: 1 - 3 hours (50 edited photos) 

Enhanced Event Photography: 

Photography of set-up, registration, attendees, venue and details: 4 - 5 hours (100 edited photos)

Product photography

Our in-house studio enables us to capture your product shots for your website and promotional material. 

Product photography

Multiple products to be photographed in studio or on location

1 hour photo shoot | Provision of high res production value photos.

Behind the scenes photography

Iconium shoots behind the scenes photography that is used for social media. Behind the scenes photography is designed to give you a glimpse of all that goes into creating your products. 

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