RSVP Ministries

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The project:

Film series:

Iconium is pleased to be collaborating with RSVP Ministries in the production of their ongoing film series. These films are relational and inspiring; designed to connect with people from all walks of life and call them into living with a purpose. We are excited to be a part of RSVP's vision to aid individuals across North America in personal transformation. 

  • Script planning and development
  • Visual and creative concept
  • Interviewing
  • On-location filming
  • Editing, colour grading, graphics, and completion of film


Iconium photographed several of the film shoots that would be used in the print material in order to create a common look and feel throughout all the material. 

  • Behind-the-scenes 
  • Lifestyle

Print material and packaging:

Iconium designed and created the corresponding print material required for the RSVP Ministries Series. All print material was made from original content including the photography, graphics, and unique packaging. 

Digital media strategy:

Consulted RSVP with a social media strategy and provided behind the scenes photos which were used to promote the upcoming film series.