Quality of Place

The making of Quality of Place

The vision

The vision for Quality of Place was conceptualized August 23, 2017 and can now be seen at the Sherwood Park Cineplex theatre before each show. The film captures Strathcona County through artistic snapshots that were filmed during a yearlong process.

Social Media Edits

Along with the full length video, we created several social media edits to be shared on Facebook and Instagram – which highlight unique aspects of Strathcona County.


In early October of 2017 we put together the initial shot list. The shot list included scene numbers, locations, and camera motion – though, due to the scale of the project we included as much detail as possible, so that nothing was missed during the many months of filming throughout the year.

  • Scene #

  • Location

  • Season

  • Beg/Mid/End

  • Shot Description

  • Storyboard

  • Notes

  • Camera Motion

  • Direction

A portion of the extensive shot list that was used to plan out the shoot.

A portion of the extensive shot list that was used to plan out the shoot.


We filmed 16 separate scenes over the course of 11 months. Planning and coordinating each scene was exciting, especially when it came to filming and capturing what was visualized in the pre-production process.

Production began on November 23, 2017 at Cafe Haven and ended on October 20th at 11pm in an undisclosed Farmers Field.



-217 video elements

-170 audio elements

-Total of 408 unique elements in the timeline

A screen capture of the Final Cut Pro X timeline of the project, including sound design.

A screen capture of the Final Cut Pro X timeline of the project, including sound design.

We could not have done this video alone,
many contributed to make this video possible

Quality of Place talent:

Austin Capcara - Runner

Melissa Doberstein - Dancer

Zachary Walters, Jett Walters, Bretton Theune, Seth Odeson, Randall Zabel, Jordan Watt - Hockey players

Denver Capcara - Snowshoe, Snow Valley

Eric Martin - Snowboarder

Angelo Milonas - Pilot

Cassandra Cowick, Marley Cleaver, Sarah Edith & family - Sherwood Park Mall

George & Vicky Milonas - Vickys Bistro Winebar

April Kerr - Elk Island

Francis Poole - Horse rider, Rural Strathcona County

Family - Woodbridge

Effie & Nevah Milonas - Parade, Community Center

Jensen Stewart - Café Haven

Cam, Karen Schenk, Archie Dionisio - Vickys Bistro Winebar

Kaylin Schenk, Jared & Abigail Sanchez - Branches

Marisa Lehmann – Singer, Festival Place


Vickys Bistro Winebar

Millennium Place

Cafe Haven

Woodbridge Farms

Festival Place

Sherwood Park Mall

Elk Island

Snow Valley

Ardrossan Rec Center

Heritage Wetlands Park

*Note, not all names or locations are mentioned.

"Moving Mountains" featured on a world stage

In Moving Mountains, Mariz Doss shares her story of overcoming marginalization through sports and fitness, believing if you give women a chance to succeed, they will.

The film was presented on April 11, 2019 by Doss, a keynote speaker who opened her talk with this film at the Leadership Forum at the George Bush Presidential Center. It.was seen by Henry Kissinger, Bill & Melinda Gates and George Bush, to name a few! 

Iconium had been asked by Empowered Media, (a global media network based in Los Angeles). to tell the story of Mariz Doss, a woman in Cairo, Egypt. Mariz has contributed to breaking the cultural barrier for women in her culture to run outdoors and climb mountains. In the film, Moving Mountains, we worked with Mariz, who lives in Cairo, Egypt over Skype; and with Empowered Media who are based in Los Angeles. The film was submitted to Dare to Overcome competition, where we were a runner up.

This film is scheduled to be featured at several upcoming events and media networks.

Empowered Media’s Social Media post on April 11: “Thrilled to see that our short film, Moving Mountains, produced with our dear friends Mariz Moheb Doss and Karen Schenk was showcased at the Bush Institute today. It’s a packed house, including Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Bill and Melinda Gates. The film is a direct outcome of our Dare to Overcome film competition. www.empowerwome.media

Mariz presenting at the Leadership Forum, after showing the film, Moving Mountains

Mariz presenting at the Leadership Forum, after showing the film, Moving Mountains

Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.25.34 AM.png

The Editing Process

The Iconium team was given footage from Mariz to be used in the film “Moving Mountains.” The creative process involved interpreting hours of GoPro and iPhone footage into a story about empowerment in women.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.24.00 AM.png

The Editing Process

The footage was placed into a context of it showing on a computer screen, with the ‘talking head’ footage was on a phone. This symbolically represents through communication platforms that women empowerment can be found and strived for anywhere in the world.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.30.28 AM.png

The Editing Process

The footage was originally uploaded, however, due to a low speed of the internet, it would take weeks. It was then couriered on a flash drive to Canada. When the package arrived, the envelope was empty and the flash drive had been lost. A search request was placed, and miraculously, the flash drive showed up days later. We will never know where it was found, but celebrated it’s miraculous arrival!



Creating a set in Sherwood Park, Canada to capture the filming of Mariz in Egypt.



Capturing the audio and narrative footage in a studio in Cairo, while filming the A-roll in Canada.

Is content still king?

Denver captures content from a recent shoot with  Central Alberta youth unlimited  at  Timber Coffee Co  in Sylvan Lake.

Denver captures content from a recent shoot with Central Alberta youth unlimited at Timber Coffee Co in Sylvan Lake.

The importance of content

We consume a vast amount of content. According to a recent Neilsen report, “on average, American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media.”

Platforms that utilize video content represent a substantial portion of time spent with media. Overall video use—time spent with a TV set, computer video and using video focused app/web on smartphones and tablets—netted out to nearly six hours per day for U.S. adults during first-quarter 2018.

In addition to video, social networks are now beginning to affect the content landscape. While social media has already reshaped the way people connect with each other, it’s effectively become a factor for major platforms in creating and monetizing premium content.


Starting point

Great storytelling begins with creative planning, and our favourite Apple products.

What does this mean for you?

These are facts we cannot ignore. The sheer volume of content needed to fill an 11 time span each day is staggering. People are determining what they watch by the subscriptions they sign up for, and the social media platforms they follow. They are wanting to learn and to consume content in an engaging way.

  1. Offer relevant and valued content

    The content you create needs to be incredibly interesting, solve a problem or meet a need. There is so much information available, that unless your content promises to be worth the time spent engaging with it, it will be ignored. It’s important to know who you are creating the content for and understand how they will benefit from it.

  2. Ensure your content is visually engaging

    Gone are the days when someone will spend time reading a long article or watching a lengthy video to find the answer at the end. It’s important to create a breadcrumb approach. A title, tagline, a heading image will get the attention which will draw your audience in. Continue to offer value benefits for the first 20, 30, and 60 seconds. You need to keep their attention. Beautiful, relevant and interesting visuals will be of great value. There is so much available that it is important for you to keep the attention.

  3. Distribute effectively to your audience

    Once you have created the content, the next step is to get it in front of your audience. You may need to create a variety of media types to communicate your message. If you take the core message, create a print version, video version, possibly online training; you will have more methods of getting not only the message, but the unique delivery method to carry your message to your intended audience. Your goal needs to be clear - what is it that you want them to learn and do after they have seen your communication? You may need to create a paid ad and use that to direct traffic to the source of your content.

Your audience is spending time reading and watching what is important to them. Spend the right amount of time and money to create a powerful, engaging message that enables you to connect with, and bring about the results you are looking for.

Iconium Media specializes in content creation and will customize our services to meet your unique need.

Let’s talk!

by Karen Schenk

Discover how to control your brand

karen desk (3 of 3).jpg

Have you ever wondered where to start? There are so many places to communicate, and you know what worked in the past is no longer the best way to advertise and make your presence known. Did you know that websites still work? In fact, they are the first place people go - even before they come to your street address.

It’s a place that you can build a presence. It’s where you control your brand. The visuals on your site, more than anything, will tell people who you are and what you value. Your message can be clearly expressed. It’s on your website you can build a recurring community that sees your website as the go-to place. All the other mediums can be a vehicle to drive traffic to your website.

Drive your customers to your website

Your website is positioned as the foundational tool for all targeted traffic to flow through and to complete the call-to-action. It is imperative to determine who the audience is and what you would want them to accomplish. “Everyone will not do everything, everywhere.” A select audience needs to be targeted with a very clear call to action. Then as many of those people need to be targeted through organic and paid advertising methods.

What is the role of social media?

Social media can be used to attract and reach new customers, cultivating brand awareness. It also can be used to increase brand loyalty as you interact with existing customers. The most important thing you can do is to fine-tune your brand experience. by driving traffic to your website.

A well-made social media presence helps with your Google ranking, so social is getting harder to ignore if you want traffic from Google.

A custom optimized website can give you a robust edge to accomplish the key result areas. You are in control of what the users experience, what they learn and the call to action, while the social media platforms serve as a tool to create brand and product awareness, and keep your audience aware of the offerings in your website.

karen desk 2.jpg

Your website

is the only digital space you can fully control the user experience and achieve the desired outcome of your goals. It is where you want to drive your customers.

Is a website really necessary?

Your site is critical to helping you accomplish your goals. It’s where you help solve your customers needs. They come to you seeking answers - and the more you can provide answers, the more ready they will be to engage with you. These are some of the roles your website will play with your customers.

  1. It helps you control your message and deliver a call to action.

  2. Provides credibility to your current audience and potential audience.

  3. It creates a platform that enables people to tell others about you.

  4. It enables you to turn your visitors into customers.

  5. Search engine optimization - an effective website helps people find you.

  6. It’s your storefront. People come to see who you are, what you do, how they can get involved.

It’s time to look at your website. It’s one of the most important tools your company has. Contact us and we can talk further with you.

Don't let marketing overwhelm you!

Ready to create.

Ready to create.

What’s the secret?

You’ve probably tried many methods to get your message out. You may have posted on social media, expecting an overwhelming response, only to realize the only person who liked your post was a colleague. Then, you may have tried another social media platform, only to have a similar response. You wonder if it is the photos, the times you are posting, or if you even have the right platform. The options are endless. The secret lies in communicating to your customers the story they want to hear. Today’s content is needing to be more targeted than ever before. Stop trying to reach everyone - they are not your audience.

Content redefined

We’ve all heard the saying, “content is king” however, what does that mean for your business? Gone are the days when content was the creation of many well crafted articles. Content now comes in the form of images, videos, quotes, social media video stories and articles, to name a few. It’s a well crafted blend of styles of communication that demonstrate a unified message and look. Determine what it is that you want people to know about you, and then orchestrate all your communications towards that message. Don’t forget to include clear call to action! Make it simple with a low barrier of entry.

Show your personality

As a person, business or organization, your personality needs to be clear. Your messaging and content needs to communicate that personality, as well as your look and feel. It needs to be warm and inviting, even when it is polished and professional. Be inviting to the people you are trying to reach.

Create a plan

This may be beyond what you and your team are able to do on your own. There are many professionals who have the insight to review who you are, who your audience is and what you need to reach them. But, as long as you don’t have a plan, it will be difficult to execute. We are always too busy to randomly demonstrate our presence. We need to be deliberate and intentional.

Be interesting to those that matter

This is probably one of the most important aspect of communicating to your customers the story they want to hear. It may take one second to get their attention, but if you are providing a solution for something they need, they may suddenly have an abundance of time to explore deeper.

The emphasis on having interesting, lifestyle visuals is critical. In the moments people go through their feed, you need to stand out, you need to be interesting enough for them to want to follow your social media feed. When you are interesting, they will follow you. When they follow you, they will see what you have to offer.

Get started

  1. Discovery and exploration: determine your personality, your messaging, who your audience is, where they are and what your goals are.

  2. Create a plan: outline what you will do, who will do it and how often it will take place.

  3. Use powerful and relevant visuals: lifestyle video and photography with interesting messaging will get people’s attention. You only need to get the attention of the people you are wanting to reach - not everyone. Choose imagery and film that they want to see. Profile yourself in a relatable manner.

  4. Review your results and make changes: watch the stats of what you post. See what gets results. Only work what works. Try new tag lines or new thumbnail imagery.

We can help

Our team specialize in reviewing and assessing your needs, helping you discover your personality and then creating digital assets to connect with your audience. Studies show that over 80% of how people consume content is through video. It’s today’s language. If you would like to communicate with us as to how we can help you get started, please contact us. We care and we want to help.

Author: Karen Schenk

3 ways to create content that gets you known

karen desk (1 of 3).jpg

Do you ever wonder why it feels like no one is listening? It’s probably because they are not. From the moment your alarm rings each morning, you are inundated with messaging. Most of your messaging is saturated with advertising. You have the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to see and hear in an effort to stay sane. You will notice that your feeds develop themes as you shape who and what you are listening to.

Just imagine, if it is that overwhelming for you to process the information that comes your way, how are you going to be heard? How can your message stand out?

The answer lies in content. The right content. Gone are the days when content is only articles. Content comes in the form of photos, videos, ads, posts, social media as well as traditional articles.


Get noticed

Content Marketing is all the Marketing you have left. - Seth Godin

  1. Know your audience

    It’s never been as important as it is now to know your audience. Who are you wanting to connect with? Today’s media platforms enable you to set up ads and campaigns that are clearly targeted for your audience. If you want everyone, everywhere to see everything you do, you will not get results. You need to know where people are, what their interests are and what will stand out to them. Take the time, spend the money to do proper target market analysis. It makes all the difference.

  2. Focus on your desired outcome

    If you were to state one thing that you are wanting people to do, are you able to do so? Focus will give you results. You may want to sell many things, but is it better if you target having people contact you? Customer service will always stand out. People are not looking for you to sell them something. They are looking for solutions and how your messages relates to them. How can you be the solution, and what makes your content relatable? What has worked best in the past? Use that method to fulfill your mission.

  3. Use beautiful relevant visuals

    Our society is more visually oriented than it has ever been. Powerful videos and imagery is everywhere. You may not have the tools and resources to create these images, but they are not out of your reach. To set up a scene and create lifestyle photography and film, can be done without spending a lot. These images of real people demonstrating the values of your business and product will build your brand and communicate in a powerful way.

It’s an exciting time for companies. You now can target market the things people love and market directly to the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Author: Karen Schenk

Why high end?

When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.
— George Washington Carver

We are a team of creators. We draw, write, photograph and film. We combine art with a little science. At Iconium Media, our team strives to make beauty that captures attention and elicits a response.

We help you get noticed

Today’s world is noisy and your attention is being sought everywhere. It takes a lot to stand out. Nearly everything you do in life requires media.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve by embracing the ambitious approach of today’s Millennials. These young artisans understand the language of today’s new media in a way that penetrates through layers of communication.


Take risks

“The greatest artists like Dylan, Picasso and Newton risked failure. And if we want to bet great, we’ve go to risk it too.”

Steve Jobs

Where magic happens

Media is created through a collaborative effort that combines years of experience in responsive media; the expertise of the client; and the unfettered approach of today’s creative Millennials. The blend of these strengths is where magic begins to happen.

Ultimately creativity trumps gear - every time! However, the right tools stimulates passion that compels team members to learn and try new things. They collaborate together while using powerful tools that lead towards quality imagery. Our creative team is challenged to think big, take risks and create great results.

Why high end?

Ultimately, tools are simply the items artists use to create. In and of themselves, they do not make anything look awesome, it’s the artist who does.

We research our tools as carefully as we hire our talent. We see how high end tools stimulate creativity and enhance cinematic filmmaking when they are in the right hands.

We want to create the best with the best. This is a daily opportunity. Everything changes…so we change with it.

Our gear

We work hard to stay on top of current trends, and work with some of the most sophisticated filmmaking technology available today. We shoot with high-end cinema cameras such as two RED EPIC-W 8K cameras which allows us to shoot in ultra-high definition and deliver films in up to 5K -- over six times the resolution of standard 1080p HD video. Along with incredibly high resolutions which allow us to capture both film and still images at the same time, our cameras offer  advanced colour science with incredible dynamic range that allows us to capture a wide range of challenging filming scenarios.

We also offer a variety of unique tools that allow us to fulfill the creative vision for your project while maximizing the production value of your film. Some of these tools, amongst many others, include: the DJI Ronin stabilizer, multiple high-end Canon lenses, lighting package, teleprompter, 4K drone, slider, camera crane, and much more. 

Tell us how the right tools for your trade make a difference for you?

Author: Karen Schenk

The start up grows up

A few months ago, it became clear that the time had come for Iconium Media to move. We looked into several probabilities and discovered our new home: a big empty industrial space. Our creative team came up with some ideas, plans and a lot of hard work began. We were the beneficiaries of some great gifts along the way as people helped put the space together! 

Thank you to Goodchild Realty, Gem Cabinets, RowJac Renovations, Kevin Neufeld, Devin Capcara, Trevor Muzika, Caleb Vander Leek, Strathcona County, Sorenson Electric, Lehmann Plumbing, National Audio, and the Iconium Media team: Karen Schenk, Denver Capcara, Adam Hutlet, Zachary Walters, Abigail Sanchez, Jared Sanchez, Cam and Kaylin Schenk

Our new space 



The team was not even moved in when Iconium Media filmed for SPAC Youth on August 9th. It was a great day doing what we love.

Iconium Media was incorporated on July 31, 2015. Owner, Karen Schenk had been approached by a client to create a large online training project. This project required a full team complete with a film studio. Time was of the essence, so the hunt began for the right team and the right location. The team came together quickly, but studio location seemed to be a problem. In the haste to pull things together, a temporary set up was assembled in Karen's garage. At that time, we had no idea that would be home for Iconium and team for the next 3 years.  This location allowed us to grow, to acquire gear and develop a network of team members, projects and clients. 

The garage 

2015 - 2016 - Jesse, Denver, Megan and Karen (with an occasional visit by Jessi, the choc lab)

2015 - 2016 - Jesse, Denver, Megan and Karen (with an occasional visit by Jessi, the choc lab)

2016 - 2018 - Denver, Adam, Zachary, Chantal and Karen, with a team of part time.

2016 - 2018 - Denver, Adam, Zachary, Chantal and Karen, with a team of part time.


2018 - the garage studio seats up to 10 people. 

The renovation

Exploring ideas

Exploring ideas

Is this truly possible?

Is this truly possible?

Lunch break. Denver, Zachary, Karen, Adam & Abigail.

Lunch break. Denver, Zachary, Karen, Adam & Abigail.

Karen and Adam laying floors

Karen and Adam laying floors

This filmmaker needs to keep his day job. Note: "mom-jeans", duct-taped/paper towel knee pads and improper use of tools.

This filmmaker needs to keep his day job. Note: "mom-jeans", duct-taped/paper towel knee pads and improper use of tools.

Our in-house Instagram Story expert, Abigail, truly was working while capturing the moments.

Our in-house Instagram Story expert, Abigail, truly was working while capturing the moments.

Author: Karen Schenk

Casting Call: Strathcona County Tourism Film

As part of Iconium Media's ongoing work with Strathcona County, we are working on a Quality of Place film highlighting all the different recreation opportunities that Strathcona County offers. We are filming three sequences in the next month and are looking for people to be featured within them. These shoots include: Branches Sandwich Shop, Sherwood Park Mall, and the Woodbridge area. Details regarding each of these shoots are listed below. Please contact us at Info@iconium.io if you are interested in participating. 

Branches Sandwich Shop

Branches is a local Sandwich Shop that we are looking to feature in the video. We are hoping to capture a casual group of friends out for lunch at this location. 

  • Who: Group of 3-5 friends, 20-35 years old, preferablly ethnically diverse
  • Activity: Group of friends having lunch at Branches restaurant 
  • Where: Branches Fresh Food Experience (23108 Highway 16, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V2)
  • Required time: Approximately 1-2 hours
  • Availability: During weekdays (Monday-Friday, 9-5pm) throughout the months of May-June 

I have attached a few screen grabs of our shot list below: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.21.20 AM.png

Sherwood Park Mall

Another opportunity that we want to highlight is Sherwood Park Mall. We are looking for people to participate in a shoot where a group of moms walk through the mall with their young kids. 

  • Activity: Group of friends shopping (INTERIOR): Ideally we are looking for the scene to include a group of mothers walking through the mall, shopping, with their kids in their strollers.
  • Where: Sherwood Park Mall
  • Required time: Approximately 1 hour
  • Availability: During weekdays (Monday-Friday, 9-5pm) throughout the months of May-June

I have attached a few screen grabs of our shot list below: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.33.30 AM.png

Woodbridge Area

Lastly, another area we are looking to feature is Woodbridge and the neighbouring residential area. We are hoping to showcase a young family going for a walk around sunset throughout the beautiful landscape. 

  • Activity: Young family taking their kids for a walk over Woodbridge

  • Where: Woodbridge Farms Covered Bridge (63 Woodlake Manor, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4B8) 
  • Required time: Approximately 1-2 hours
  • Availability: During weekdays (Monday-Friday, after hours) throughout the months of May-June

I have attached a few screen grabs of our shot list below: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.30.52 AM.png

Let us know if you are interested in participating in any of the above scenes and we will review to see if you fit the role. Thanks in advance! - The Iconium Media team. 

Bluetrain: a success story

The "You Can" campaign inspires entrepreneurs to start their business in Strathcona County.  Iconium Media was hired by the Tourism and Development department to capture the story of several local businesses which started, and found success in Strathcona County.

Iconium Media filmed the stories of a fashion-inspired Chocolatier, Jacek Chocolate Couture, a ground-breaking vertical farming startup, Nutraponics Canada, and one of the largest companies in the world, Shell

Our latest business story was Bluetrain: a local company committed to providing outstanding digital strategy to it's clients. Bluetrain was a strong business, with a driven leader who helped drive it's success.

Early in pre-production, we collaborated with the Bluetrain team to determine where else we could try and pull out this visually / emotionally engaging piece of the film.

Bluetrain strongly values balance, and teamwork so they incorporate many social events into their schedule. We were able to share this aspect of team, along with their business success story. 

Vertical video

Upon completion of the original, full-length promotional video, a second version of the film was modified to be used across social media platforms, in order to promote the film / campaign. This version was created as a "vertical video" to be used within Instagram Stories and a users Facebook feed. Research shows that Vertical Video is the future of mobile video. The main reasons for this development are that mobile devices are naturally oriented to the "portrait" landscape, making vertical video already perfectly aligned to this medium.

"Smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94 percent of the time." (Source: MOVR Mobile Overview Report)

As well, as the fact that "portrait / vertical" content physically takes up more space on a users screen when scrolling their their feed. Therefore, there is a higher chance of them seeing the content, and actually interacting with it. Additionally, Instagram stories are currently one of the hottest trends, where the majority of people are actively engaged. 

200M Daily Active Users (https://www.plannthat.com/instagram-stories/)

Lastly, we also incorporated motion graphic titles into the social media version of this video in order to help create engagement on platforms where videos naturally play with "sound-off". By adding these titles users are able to see what is being said in the video, even without sound, allowing them to still understand and engage with the video if they chose. 

The launch

Strathcona County Tourism and development, along with Bluetrain Inc., were both very impressed with the video and how the story was told. The video is now being featured around the community. 

We had a pleasure working on this project and look forward to telling other success stories in the future!