5 Ways to reach your audience



Every day we are bombarded by imagery that drives us to take action. Visuals influence our decisions. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are responding to, we just know that something is triggering a response.

Each person is now a marketer. We all have a suite of tools by which we pursue to visually influence others and captivate them.  We showcase our products and services to engage an audience through our favourite platforms. We've discovered that the more dynamic and unique our look is, the more we stand out.  While this is true personally, it is also true of the organizations that we represent.  

1.    Marketing is not optional

Gone are the days of ignoring the need to market. Every industry is overwhelmed by competition for your audience’s attention. The line between industry and personal has been blurred and people need to see, feel and experience your brand in a personal way to influence their buying decisions.

2.    Brand your image

Your brand is visual. You have a story to tell.  If you don’t tell your story, others will. There has never been a need as there is today to tell your story in a powerfully visual manner.  Everything that is created by your company needs to communicate your brand. Be consistent and recognizable.

3.    Make a simple path for your users

Today’s consumers are motivated by emotion. There are so many visuals and opportunities coming at them each day, that they are looking to you to simplify their decision making by showing them your brand can help solve their problem.

They will go with the organization that shows them they will be the best choice. Shockingly, the first step in this decision making process is made in 4 – 6 seconds. They see your ad, they go to your site and if the answer is not right there, they will move on and click away.  Once you have their attention, and they engage, then they will explore deeper. Make sure that you have deeper information available and the opportunity for them to talk to you.


In this ever changing media culture, you cannot control the viral behavior of marketing, but you can control your visuals. You can make yourself real to your audience. They can see that behind the brand, there are real people, who have personalities that they can connect with.

4.    Use the right medium to communicate

Today’s greatest method of consuming information has shifted to film. People process information by watching videos. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that 90% of the social network’s content will be video-based by 2018.  Video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014, says technology giant Cisco.

5.    Create a marketing plan

Our days are filled with many things to do – if we do not plan to market, we won’t. Daily posting images and posting ads may seem trivial. However, in the larger picture, these regular methods of communicating your brand and message will make you known to your audience. It’s difficult to take a random approach.

A marketing plan requires a bigger picture plan with well-defined action steps. A well-documented, intentional plan that outlines who your target audience is, where they are at, and how often you plan post in each medium.  It’s critical to track your efforts. Some campaigns may not work, so the sooner you modify and make adjustments, the more you will learn about reaching your network.   Iconium specializes in creating plans for our clients. 

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Written by Karen Schenk

Creating art at the end of the world

On the first hot sunny day of the season, with temperatures of 29C, the Iconium Media film crew ventured around Edmonton to film Soap Box Duo's music video which will appear in RSVP Ministries upcoming film series, Voice. The series is designed to encourage people to come alongside one another and to give a voice to those who are silent.  This three part series tells the story of Alexander and Jenesa's journey.  

RSVP Ministries creates small group curriculum that features film. Check out their website, where you can order and purchase one of their previously completed series. 

Iconium Media is thankful for the opportunity to partner with clients who use powerful storytelling to help make a profound difference in people's lives.  

The Soap Box Duo, Alexander and Jenesa. 

Music video:  Shades of Blue. 2017.

Music video: Shades of Blue. 2017.

Meet our team

The Iconium team creates compelling and engaging visual stories. We work together, complimenting one another's skills.  Our team consists of: Zachary Walter, Jr. Designer; Denver Capcara, Filmmaker; Dana Franklin, Content Specialist; Kaylin Schenk, Jr. Designer; Karen Schenk, CEO; Chantal Beaudoin, Content Developer; Adam Hutlet, Filmmaker. Missing: Cheryl Purschke, Sr. Designer.

The power of emotional storytelling

Use engaging media that makes them feel and respond

If you really want to engage your audience so that they cannot help but engage with the message or service you offer, you have only a moment to capture their attention.  Once captured, you need keep it.   We have found these tips helpful in creating media that elicits a response.

A beautifully shot cinematic film or photography will stun you with its spectacular beauty. The combination of well framed shots and perfect music can make ordinary things look spectacular.  A well-written script captures your attention and leaves you riveted and deeply engaged.  You know those times when you clicked away because somehow the story or the visuals lost your interest.  You don’t want that to happen.

What is it about media that makes it work?  How do you know when the piece has “IT”?  What exactly is “IT”?   Capturing emotion in film is a huge challenge. There are many key factors at play that storytellers face, however, there are several things that can be done towards keeping your audience engaged.

Three tips to capture the emotion of your brand

1. Set the stage

The backdrop, the props, the details and the stage create the context for the story, whether told on film or in your photos.  As a script is being written, help people frame your story and help understand what the story is part of.  Show the big picture and help them grasp what is about to happen.  On film, this involves showing shots that give context. The story needs to be positioned and anchored.  This story is being told on your website, your social media presence and in your print material.

2. Master the art of perfect timing

There are key moments that take place in any story. It may include a frown, a tear, or a flicker of anger.  It’s there one moment and then gone the next. To capture these moments on film, the cameraperson needs to anticipate, and to feel what is taking place. They need to be prepared to zoom in tight as the emotion heightens. They need to be familiar with the story so they can anticipate what might happen.  Many of those 1-second moments are caught on camera because someone’s emotional engagement was high enough to feel the story.  As they felt it, they caught it on camera.  They were intentional.

3. Build your story in a powerfully engaging way

The camera captures the footage, but even the most beautiful filming does not result in a powerful story. The real work happens at the editing suite. This is where the cinematic shots, the script, the music and the vision come together. Stay with the story. It’s not just an assembling of footage or positioning a photo. This is where the visuals make the audience feel.  If key parts are missing and you still don’t have “it”, this is where you take the time and go get that piece.  It matters. The story you are creating needs to be powerful. 

What do you want people to feel?  Will they stay engaged long enough to get there?  Understand that people are busy. They really don’t care what you create unless it looks interesting enough to make them click. Then, once they’ve done that, you want to keep them engaged.  Keep the story engaging and don’t lose their attention.

You want people to engage with your brand, to read your article, watch your film because it is THAT good, not because it is THAT bad. You want them to feel powerful emotions and to engage in the solution that is presented by that film.  Create compelling media elicits a response. Do this in film, print, photography and in every single product that markets your organization. People will respond when they feel.

Whatever widget, service or message your organization wants to present and sell, the answer is in providing relevant, emotional and compelling storytelling. 

Make it simple. Make it emotional. Make it compelling.
Then, fill the orders. 

Videos that bring results

According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Have you ever wondered how to get your message across in today's over-stimulated and highly digitized world?  

 "Facebook and Nielsen research found that up to 47% of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first 3 seconds, while up to 74% of the value was delivered in the first 10 seconds." (1)   

These findings are true to what Iconium has discovered first hand.  By placing the face of the message at the beginning of the story, and then telling the key message within the first ten seconds, while adding subtitles allows the story to be viewed when people are not in places they can have the audio on. 

The first 10 seconds matter most. Don't try to tell your whole entire story. Think about what your clients need and wants. 

Video ads - Iconium 2016

Video ads - Iconium 2016

Create video ads that work

1. Capture immediate attention

The faster you capture people's attention, the better.  Start with your most captivating contents.  Use stunning shots and vivid backgrounds. 

Put your "hero" up front. Use your celebrity or recognized character on the beginning of the film. 

Feature the brand early. Facebook notes that ads with brands and the messaging in the first 10 seconds effectively reach 3 x more people. 

Use engaging copy. The use of interesting, compelling copy will be effective. (1)

2. Design for sound off

76% of rated video ads required sound to be understood, according to a Facebook's recent study. 

Tell your story visually. Create the story so it can be understood without sound.

Use text and graphics to deliver your message. Use of text overlay and graphics will help the viewer grasp your story. 

Use captions or sub-titling. Internal Facebook tests show that captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%.

76% of rated video ads required sound to be understood, according to a Facebook's recent study. 

Tell your story visually. Create the story so it can be understood without sound.

Use text and graphics to deliver your message. Use of text overlay and graphics will help the viewer grasp your story. 

Use captions or sub-titling. Internal Facebook tests show that captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%. (1)

3. Frame your video

Pay careful attention to how the film is framed so that key elements are highlighted. Create interesting shots so that people will stay engaged. (1)

4. Try new things

Experiment and try new things. Pay attention to the stats so you can see what is working. Keep the videos short, but make sure it is long enough to tell the story. 

5. Call to action

Keep your goal and objective as the focal point throughout the entire piece. Ensure that the call to action is clear and that your audience knows exactly what to do.  Don't be afraid to repeat it!

6. Boost your video

Facebook, Instagram and other social media give opportunities to boost the video. Do your research so that you are creating the right target audience so that the very people you want to market to are seeing the video.  Your video is only as helpful as the people who see it.  If you don't know how to do this, we are here to help you.

7. Iconium filmmakers

Our filmmakers specialize in telling your story on film in a compelling and engaging manner to elicit a response from your audience.  We listen to you, we help you by writing the script with you (or for you), we create the visual concept and work with you so that you are as much of the process as you would like to be.  We turn on the cameras, help you tell your story, edit the story and then help you make the piece work for you!   Contact us to begin the process!  

A video ad for wedding services  
A video ad for a realtor house tour 


(1) Retrieved from: Facebook Business Marketing

Iconium captures surprise proposal in NYC

Iconium filmmakers capture a romantic proposal

He knew it had always been her dream to be proposed to at the top of Rockefeller Centre in NYC, so when he realized Sarah was going to be in New York the last week of August, he made plans to surprise her!  

Travelling all the way from Calgary, Alberta to New York City, Brett did everything he could to give her a "rock on the rock", and make her dream come true.  Iconium was there to film it.

Iconium filmmakers, Adam Hutlet and Denver Capcara, drove to Calgary to journey and document the story of Brett as he travelled to New York. They had the opportunity to capture the incredible proposal, as well as beautiful, iconic, and cinematic film throughout their 24 hours in NYC. From the top of Rockefeller, to Times Square, they filmed and photographed Brett and Sarah all over the Big Apple, finishing with an engagement shoot in Central Park. They finished the trip by assembling a rough cut on the plane ride home, which was presented to a crowd of people at a surprise party upon their arrival. 

I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday.
— the Notebook

Proposal: Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, New York City, September 2, 2016

Casting call

Iconium is hosting auditions for a narrator.  If you live in the Sherwood Park or Edmonton region and are a good communicator and comfortable in front of the camera, we invite you to audition.  During the audition, you will be given the opportunity to read the script on a Teleprompter.   

Audition Dates

Email info@iconium.io to book a time.  

Filming Dates

Custom booking during business hours

Project Synopsis
Nuvo Series is a digital learning platform where participants are engaged in an intimate, dynamic group experience that walks them through a curriculum that creates Multiplying Churches and Communities. This Christian based curriculum will be used globally and will be translated into many languages.   This curriculum represents different nationalities  around the world.  Each lesson will feature a unique narrator to profile some of the many faces of society.

Additional Filming Opportunities
There are 10 lessons in phase 1. Four have been filmed and 6 more different narrators will be required. 

Narrator:  This is the trainer who gives an overview of each lesson in a storytelling manner and sets up the online learning group.  This script is pre-written, will be read off a teleprompter and will be complemented with supporting visuals in post-production.

A wedding story

A flower girl reflects.

A flower girl reflects.

A glimpse behind the scenes

She laughed softly. He gazed at her with love and adoration. They had loved each other for many years and had longed for this day. Her eyes sparkled with delight. She was now married to the man she loved.  They could begin their ever-after together.  Her beauty was radiant. An attractive bridal party clearly celebrated the joy of the couple. 

The fun and individuality of Nathan and Noèlle was apparent.  A Lego character of Kylo Ren was set in Nathan's boutonnière. He grinned as he talked about this accessory.  As the bridal party settled into a vintage classroom in the MacKay school, Noèlle took command and proceeded to bring order to the class.  Most attentive of course, was the groom. 

Iconium filmmakers, Denver Capcara and Adam Hutlet capture the emotion and heart of many of these moments as they create a mini-documnetoary of THE LOVE STORY, our Platinum package.   Enjoy these behind the scenes photos of a beautiful wedding day.  

Learn more about Iconium weddings

Build a passionate and motivated team

Align your team to accomplish goals together

Entrepreneurial leaders are highly motivated and driven to fulfill their mission and calling. They explore multiple ways to accomplish their goals and do so in a passionate way. It won’t work is not a term that is in their vocabulary.  If an entrepreneurial leader is clear of a direction, they vigorously pursue it.  These leaders surround themselves with people who will help them accomplish their goal. 

Not everyone is a "blank paper person"

Many entrepreneurs are "blank paper people" and they enjoy creating something out of nothing. However, there are many who people need a framework and reason to align with someone else’s goals. They are not necessarily the “blank paper people”.  They are often more than willing to commit to a role and to help accomplish a corporate vision and are willing to lead towards that goal, they need motivation. 

Much of that will come within, but unless a leader empowers the leaders who work with them, the vision and passion will begin to wane.

Personal leadership motivation

I’m a highly motivated person. I commit to things that I can become passionate about. I have a strong belief, which is also an Iconium value, that work is fun. When people love what they do, motivation and drive increases greatly. I’m committed to increasing and inspiring motivation in the people I have the opportunity to lead.

Rewarding leaders

Leaders need to be affirmed and recognized.  It’s important to know what it is that communicates that to each person. People vary in whether they are publicly or privately affirmation and whether with words or gifts.  It’s important to know the team members and what speaks to them individually.

Annual incentive

It’s of value for leaders to have an annual incentive plan to work towards.  For them to see that their contribution towards success results in a bonus is significant.

Long-term incentives

It’s challenging with a start-up to think in terms of long-term incentives, however, it is key to begin conversations and thought processes.  It’s important to answer the why for a leader as to whether they would stay for the long haul. 

Executive coaching and leadership development

Leadership development through training and experience is a gift that can be given to every person on the team.  This needs to happen deliberately and intentionally.  There needs to be room in the budget to accommodate this type of development. It can be done in a way that it is a highly incentivized perk for staff.